• Strategic vision
  • Branding & positioning
  • Growth hacking

How can a small sustainable brand of sunscreen grow in a competitive market ?


Tingerlaat is a small french entreprenarial brand that sells highly technical sunscreens. Developed with outdoor professionals and distributed in selected stores, they are easy to use, efficient, paraben and coloring agents free. Tingerlaat, to accelerate its growth, muqt know reach new clients, on a very competitive market, trusted by cosmetics heavyweights.

Poprock works with Tingerlaat on its positioning and development strategy.



1.Market exploration

  • Market analysis, competitive mapping.
  • Uncovering customer needs: frustrations, drivers, expectations.
  •   Definition of 3 primary user personas
  • Focus on strategic opportunities

2.Brand platform

  • Defining a new USP for Tingerlaat
  • Writing the brand guidelines:  ambition , primary targets, mission, customer promise and benefits , communication approach, …

3.Strategic planning

Clarifying a 3 year vision and plan : launching new products, boosting direct sales, new identity, partnerships…



  • Reviewing the development plan and roadmap
  • Briefing and sourcing a digital agency
  • Strategic follow-up every 2 months


  • 3

    star products

  • 380


  • +25%

    turnover in 2016

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