My Keeper

My Keeper
  • Strategic vision
  • User centric innovation
  • Service design

Proposing a collaborative approach to individual and collective safety


My Keeper’s misison is to help people feel safer in their everyday life, by connecting them. This young startup develops a global crowdsourced security ecosystem: a free app, connected devices, dedicated services, to get assistance in emergency situations. With a young and small team, with already much on their minds, it’s sometimes hard to detect opportunities or make the right strategic choices.

Since 2015, Poprock works with the founders to define and implement their growth strategy, and design efficient services.




1.Strategic design

  • 5 year vision
  • Strategic watch
  • Choosing the right market segments
  • Business model

2.Marketing roadmap

  • Choosing primary actions
  • Writing the sales arguments
  • Reviewing the marketing plan
  • Reviewing the sales development plan

3.Service design

Design workshops  :

  • User personas
  • User journeys
  • Primary features  and services


Reviewing wireframes and graphic mockups

4.Coaching the executive team

  • Follow up every 2 weeks
  • Preparing investor pitches
  • Reviewing strategic documents: business plans, investors presentations…


  • 20k€+

    raised on Kickstarter in 2016

  • 2

    generations of connected devices launched

  • 2017

    Launch of Secur’Ecole, a disruptive anti-intrusion system dedicated to schools and public services.


My Keeper helps you feel safer in your day to day activities by connecting you to your family and the community of users in case of emergency, with a free mobile app and a connected alert button.

"Poprock's lean and pragmatic approach helped us identify and rely on our strengths, instead of loosing energy on developments and markets we cannot afford for now. Solid tools and methodology helped us select the right user segments and define a sales and marketing plan. Poprock guides us caringly and efficiently, always respecting the company's DNA, it's a cornerstone of our development".

Evelyne Demarchez Cofounder, My Keeper

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