MTN Développement

MTN Développement
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How can we accelerate a mountain town development for 4 season tourism ?


Following the departure of the French Army Mountain Unit from its 40 year old basecamp in Bourg Saint Maurice, the town initiated on the old site a redevelopment project, twith the ambition to boost the town’s attractivity for tourists and companies.

Poprock worked with private property developer Mountain Développement as a global accelerator to launch the project.



  • Clarifying the project’s positioning: ambition, primary targets, USP, strengths, content.
  • Writing the distinctive language elements.
  • Defining communication priorities.


Defining the name and graphic identity:

  • Briefing the agency
  • Follow up and validation of the communication toolkit.



Coaching and technical assistance to the project leader:planning, connecting to potential partners, interacting with the different stakeholders: city services, construction developer, architects…



  • 120

    companies and professionals attended the project's presentation

  • 5

    months to design the identity and develop all the communication tools

  • 2018

    First stage of construction


The architectural project is inspired from Austrian developments: regrouping local services like shops, healthcare, culture, lodging, transports, and providing direct access to the most prestigious ski resorts.

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