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Les Arcs
  • Experience design
  • Service blueprint
  • Customer journey

How can we improve customer experience on the first day in the resort ?


Snowsports holidays usually start with a “black saturday” that can quickly turn into a “never again” saturday: getting to the resort, parking the car, finding the accommodation, getting ski rental gear, buying skipass and ski classes…. The resort of Les Arcs wanted to work on delivering a better experience during the stay, with a focus on the day of arrival.

We proposed a collaborative, user centric approach to identify pain points and imagine services to relieve them, in partnership with Human factors agency Akiani.




Engage all the experience stakeholders by creating a multidisciplinary project group, that could provide an holistic view of the customer experience: bus drivers, welcomers, parking staff, ski rental, skipasses, travel agencies…


Activate empathy to get a deep understanding of what customers really go through on the first day: we used shadowing, one to one interviews with visitors and professionals, focus groups, mistery shopper surveys, customer feedbacks.

3.Experience mapping workshop

Map user journeys, pain and gain points and interactions.

  • 5 stages of the user journey:  getting to the resort (by car and collective transports), finding the accomodation, getting ready for ski, mentally planning the week
  • Existing services and interactions, stakeholders map
  • Pain points
  • Service blueprint

4.Codesigning solutions

Imagine efficient, collective realistic solutions.

  • Brainstorming ways to relieve pain points
  • Prototyping  improvements and new services
  • Listing primary actions
  • Launching them as projects: leads, phasing, test conditions, KPIs, planning, budget…


  • 11

    different functions mixed in the design workshops

  • 3

    months on a tight schedule

  • 8

    projects to implement within 2 years


The new Charvet bus station in Arc 1800, with included services like showers, luggage room, etc, is one of the projects that will improve the customer experience in Les Arcs.

Our challenge was to deliver a set of tangible actions that could be implemented quickly, with a collaborative approach that would embark our partners . The results were beyond expectations, we will use them as a foundation for all our future actions.

Marion Grognet Head of marketing and communication, Les Arcs Tourism.

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